28/01/2018 - r726

MINOR: Patches and improvements

Gameplay: Levels now effect rebound speed after hit.

Bugfix: Spwan protection now works, stops players getting stuck within each other.

Menu: Link to

Bugfix: Various Server Bugfixes.

28/01/2018 - r706 - New Year, New Superballs!

MAJOR: UI Upgrade and achievements!

Gameplay: More skins added with achievement unlocks.

Gameplay: Now 40 dormant balls on Rush and Endless instead of 25!

Gameplay: Moving to custom static maps to improve gameplay.

Bugfix: Hopefully fixed rare bug that caused camera to jitter while following moving ball.

Visual: Swapped to a light theme with more colour.

Visual: Player XP displayed as XP bar.

Visual: Logged in players can be identified with a green verified tick.

Accounts: Achievements are now in! Click on skins to find out the details.

Misc: Created a discord server!

05/12/2017 - r668

MAJOR: Skins and accounts!

Skins: Skins are now implemented! Currently choose from a range of our top playing countries to represent! Do not fear many more skins will be coming!

Visual: Players level now shows next to name.

Accounts: Logins can now be persisted over sessions.

Teams: Made various performance and stability improvements, server will now restart every 5 hours in between games.

Teams: Ghost ball issue should be resolved!

17/11/2017 - r634

Many Bug Fixes and tweaks

Fix: Account login is now more secure.

Fix: Various fixes for Team gamemode.

Tweak: In game UI is now more translucent.

Addition: Can now reset accounts password.

13/11/2017 - r600

MAJOR: Superballs v2



Accounts: accounts

Interface: Main menu overhaul to make more use of space.

Performance: Many performace increases both client and serverside.

Interface: Minor tweaks to in-game UI.

Security: now uses TLS for all of its communications between server and client.

13/10/2017 - r490

MAJOR: Game Stages

Gameplay: Added game stages that rewards the winner every 3 minutes!

Interface: Earn a silver/gold crown above your ball and on the leaderboard when you win a stage/game.

Interface: Expanded message system! Get notified on how many points you earn when you pot a ball and who won a stage/game.

Interface: Refreshed player names above ball to be clearer.

03/10/2017 - r418

Bug Fixes

Fix: Various server side fixes for performance.

Fix: Spawn protection now only lasts 30 seconds.

02/10/2017 - r415

Bug Fix

Fix: Fixed an issue with ghost players not spawning with ghost transparency.

Fix: Added in extra robustness to half points after death.

Fix: Fixed ability slot 2 not working fully.

02/10/2017 - r397

MINOR: Spawn ghosting, optimising, bug fixing

Gameplay: Players now spawn ghosted to prevent spawn potting.

Gameplay: Ghost can now be cancelled by pressing Q again.

Interface: Stat upgrades grey out when maxed.

Fix: Fixed an issue where activating abilities after death can reset session.

Fix: Fixed timing issues for ability cooldowns.

Fix: Hopefully fixed issue where spamming right click only moves you at half speed.

Optimisation: Reduced mouse position polling rate to increase performance.

28/09/2017 - r391

MINOR: Interface tweaks

Interface: Polished off some of the UI to be smoother.

Interface: See how many players are in a game.

Affiliate: Now affiliated with

27/09/2017 - r389

Bug Fixes

Fix: Collisions with corners of blocks

Fix: Leaderboard not clearing disconnected players

Fix: Additional checks and handling for internal player positions

Addition: Now teleports any player or dormant ball out of blocks to freedom

26/09/2017 - r367

Bug fix

Fix: Fixed balls becoming invisible after death

25/09/2017 - r352

MAJOR: Abilities Update

Gameplay: New abilities every 2 levels give you a special edge to pot other players and score more points!

Gameplay: Retain half of your points when you get potted

Gameplay: Reworked levels to level up earlier faster and to a new max level of 24

Gameplay: Added more map variety

Interface: Increased map contrast to make it clearer where other players are

Feature: Players fade out on game leave

Fix: Data on game over wasn't always correct

04/09/2017 - r293

Performance Patch

Optimisation: Improved overall rendering performance and expanded leaderboard stats

29/08/2017 - r265

Preview Release

Initial Release